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Notes, Warning :
If this blog accidentaly screws up and destroys data on your PC, electrocutes you,makes your monitor explode in your face, set your house on fire, kills you, causes everyone on the planet(and beyond) to try to kill you, hacks into a nearby nuclear misile and targets your house, changes your bank balance to $0, adds your name to a hitman's list, sucks you into the computer and plays pong with you(with you as ball), causes secret agencies to come after you, makes you believe you got maggots crawling under your skin, turns your room into a gate to hell, becomes sentient and starts killing everyone on this planet, don't blame the author of this blog!!

My blog may contain some adult, violent, racist, anti-bitches, religions, sensitive stuffs that may cause you vomit, sick, cut your own penis, kill your mama and if you afraid what listed above will happen to you, kindly click on the small, tiny X red icon on the top, right of your screen.